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The Haunting of The Piano House
Hiawatha, Kansas

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 10/13/2010



The Piano House | Hiawatha, Kansas
This isn't a picture of the piano house. It's a picture taken of the Davis Memorial at Mount Hope Cemetery, courtesy of Roadside America. It's a cool place to visit if you're already in Hiawatha ghost hunting anyway.
The Piano House | Hiawatha, Kansas

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About The Piano House


Hiawatha is located in northeast Kansas near the Nebraska/Iowa/Kansas border. Hiawatha is near St. Joseph, Kansas along highway 159/73. It is 95 miles northwest of Kansas City, Kansas.

History of Hiawatha, Kansas:

Hiawatha is the county seat for Brown County, Kansas. It was founded in 1857.

The Davis Tomb is a famous memorial that many people visit each year when they pass through Hiawatha, Kansas. The tomb features a variety of Italian marble statues of Mr. Davis and his wife. If you go to see some ghosts, stop at Mt. Hope Cemetery on E. Iowa and see the Davis Memorial as well.

Hauntings and Paranormal Reports for the Piano House:

Reports of the ghost/apparition of a woman in a white bloodied nightgown. The ghostly woman has been spotted in the bedroom window of the Piano House. Objects, namely the piano, is said also to move from room to room without explanation.

Local Lore:

This particular report at the Piano House in Hiawatha, Kansas is similar to other “white lady” reports in which the apparition of a woman is seen searching for her lost child or lost lover. Locals relate that a pregnant woman fell into a well to her death. Her body, was, according to stories of this location, never found.


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Mad Vic Posted: 10/13/2010
Where is the piano house anyway?

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