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The Haunting of T. B. Scott Mansion
Merrill, Wisconsin

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 06/09/2011



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About T. B. Scott Mansion

Merrill, Wisconsin

Merrill is located in north central Wisconsin in Lincoln County. It has a population of about 11,000 residents.

T.B. Scott Mansion Information:

The T. B. Scott Mansion was built in 1884 by T. B. Scott, who owned the Warren Mill. Sadly, Scott died before the mansion was finished. A year later, his widow, Ann, died also. Their son Walter sold the mansion. Ten years later, he was stabbed to death with a letter opener over an argument. None of the Scotts ever lived in the mansion.

Merrill lore claims that there is curse on the land where the T. B. Scott mansion is located. According to Merrill locals, white men killed an Indian chief's daughter on the Scott mansion land. The Indian chief then put a hex on the land saying, “Let this ground be sacred to my daughter's memory and let it never do any white man any good.”

Those who did not meet an early end, suffered other misfortunes including bankruptcy, fraud, and mysterious, unexplained disappearances. A Chicago businessman sold the mansion only five days after buying it. Andrew Dunning owned the mansion then for a few years passing it on to Edward and Gertrude Kuechle. They lost all their money in a gold-mine scam. The the house was owned by several Chicago investors. The Kuechle's then bought the house back. Shortly thereafter, they lost everything in a bad railroad purchase. Edward Kuechle was eventually confirmed insane.

Another owner was stabbed to death in Chicago's Union Station. Yet another died of a stroke at the age of 62 years. A one-armed popcorn vendor named Popcorn Can Coxon who worked as a caretaker of the house drowned on the Titanic.

In 1919, the City of Merrill purchased the Mansion and the surrounding landscape. Sisters of the Holy Cross currently occupy the building which functions as a hospital and chapel.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the T. B. Scott Mansion in Merrill, Wisconsin:

Merrill locals have claimed to see apparitions in the bell tower. Disembodied footsteps and voices have been reported.


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annimar43 Posted: 03/04/2013
Actually TB Scott Mansion is a separate building from the Holy Cross Hospital (now Good Samaritan Health Center). But it is connected by tunnel. The tunnel also involves two other buildings in the complex : Bell Tower Residence (formerly the Holy Cross Sisters Residence) and the Menard Center (I'm not certain about the history of this building). My mother spent time last year at Bell Tower Residence after falling. When she was discharged some of her things were left behind. They stored them down in the tunnel. It was just as creepy down there as when I was in the Catholic grade school and we took field trips there. I strongly suspect that they are haunted just like the hospital and the mansion. The hospital's top floor is where lobotomies were performed on mentally ill patients in the 1940s and 1950s and it is haunted. Lights are sometimes seen turning off and on though the floor hasn't had patients up there for years.
annimar43 Posted: 03/04/2013

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