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The Haunting of Springdale Cemetery
Peoria, Illinois

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 03/14/2012



Springdale Cemetery | Peoria, Illinois
Springdale Cemetery the Witches Circle There is a small smoke cloud in the tree
Springdale Cemetery | Peoria, Illinois Springdale Cemetery | Peoria, Illinois Springdale Cemetery | Peoria, Illinois

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About Springdale Cemetery

Here at Sprindale Cemetry is the witches circle. It is very very old and weird. Im checking on it here real soon. What I have learned is it is active but not very many people know about it. Im taking a small team there along with my wife in about 1 or 2 weeks from now


Aliendesendant Posted: 04/04/2013
I am very interested to know what you found. I frequent the circle and have had some unique experiences of my own. If you like please email me at
younggirl Posted: 01/02/2014
Omg I've witnessed many things in that cemetery..... It haunts me too this day.... Like one time a friend and I were walking there late at night when we seen a red dog glaring at us.. It looked demonic... When we went home that night we were terrified of what we seen and further researched and found out it was a hell hound which some legends say if you see the hell hound three or more times you are certain to die.... I continued to walk there but this time only during the day and often alone it's still a very quiet place to stroll untill I notice one day in the middle of a summer afternoon I was walking I seen three shadows of people walking next to me when I was alone. I looked all around me woods and all and couldn't find who the shadows belonged to when I looked down again they were gone... I still get the chills talking about this... But the same day I told my friend and he didn't believe me so later that evening we took a walk to what is known as the witches circle.... At the entrance there is a spot where they sacrifice animals as it was told and appeared... The tree looked as if struck by lightning or stories say it was witch friend and I seen shadows follow us that we're not our own... He was scared when he was wanting to go home but something wanted me to keep going... So I kept going and he followed the shadows stop in place and stopped faollowing us I thought it was strange when we got to the witches circle my friend cried out that he was pushed and fell losing his glasses... We rushed out of there when we glanced back wee heard a chuckle so deep and loud I almost peeed myself.... We got half way home when we seen many shadows darting away from us when we realized one large one was following and it too faded as we finally reached the exit of the cemetery...... Before I ever started to go to the cemetery right down the hill on rich woods boulevard my grandmas house was too haunted... I and my grandma along many of foster kids have witnessed many things in that house... If you wanna know more of the things I witnessed or about the cemetery you can contact me at I may be only 15 but I'll never forget the things that happened to me at that cemetery.. Never or even my grandmas house
Spunky Posted: 02/09/2014
I'm also very interested in what happens in Springdale Cemetery. I'm also doing research on each grave. That also gives that person in the grave a peace of mind that his family has been all located. This just might help some of the spirits to pass on. I have 31 section out 80 done. A lot of people don't know that a lot of family could not afford headstone for their love one so their is a lot of unmark graves, also some only have a 1st name on the stone no last name. The original cemetery was called the Peoria City Cemetery which located on Lincoln Ave Peoria. That cemetery was moved to Springdale Cemetery the graves are in Family Plots or in section called Old Public Lot. I have taken picture of ever stone that is readable. Also so I know that the patients at Bartonville State Mental Hospital in Bartonville are also buried in Springdale Cemetery. The patient from the Bartonville Hospital was done so wrong no wonder the place has spirit around, the family of the patients just drop them off an never to return. The spirit are hurt because they where abandoned. I know this feeling all so well. I was adopted

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