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The Haunting of Seven Bridges Road
Boltonville, Wisconsin

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 02/14/2011



Seven Bridges Road | Boltonville, Wisconsin
Seven Bridges Road- This is the marshy part of Jay Road. Photo retrieved from
Seven Bridges Road | Boltonville, Wisconsin Seven Bridges Road | Boltonville, Wisconsin

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About Seven Bridges Road

Boltonville, Wisconsin

Seven Bridges Road:

Driving Directions: To get to Boltonville Road, from I-43 south, take the Highway AA (west) exit to Oostburg, passing through the city. Follow Highway AA as it turns into Highway A and continue west on this road as it bends and turns (13 miles from Oostburg). Take a left on Boltonville Road and follow this road south to the Washington County line, which will take you into the small town of Boltonville. Take a left on Highway X and this road will turn into Jay Road going east. It will end at the shoreline of Lake Michigan, stretching for about twenty five miles past Boltonville.

Jay Road is a long stretch of road that originates in Boltonville and travels through Washington and Ozaukee Counties. About two miles outside Boltonville in Washington County, is a marshy area along Jay Road and one of the bigger bridges. There are seven noticeable bridges along Jay Road.

The haunted stop sign is located in Sheboygan County.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Seven Bridges Road:

Visitors to Seven Bridges Road have reported seeing an odd mist that forms in the distance and as it gets closer looks more like a woman in a jogging outfit. People have reported seeing this apparition and then “hitting” the apparition right before it vanishes.

Also, locals report that the stop sign at the corner of Seven Bridges Road and Jay Road appears to be bleeding.


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