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The Haunting of Madame Cheries Castle
West Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 02/06/2011



Madame Cheries Castle | West Chesterfield, New Hampshire
Another hoaxed photograph taken at Madame Cheries. Don't jump at ghosts!
Madame Cheries Castle | West Chesterfield, New Hampshire Madame Cheries Castle | West Chesterfield, New Hampshire

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About Madame Cheries Castle

West Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Chesterfield is located is Cheshire County, New Hampshire in the southern part of the state. It is a small town of about 4,000 residents.

Chesterfield was the site of Fort Number 1, the first fort in a line of forts that bordered the Connecticut River. The town was incorporated in 1752 and settled in 1761.

Madame Cherie's Castle Information:

Madame Cherie was an eccentric costume designer.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Madame Cherie's Castle in Chesterfield, New Hampshire:

Visitors to Madame Cherie's Castle have reported seeing her apparition on the stone staircase.

According to Chesterfield locals, there is a buried treasure supposedly located somewhere in the vicinity and that a lot of people are believed to have died here.

Shadowlands Haunted Places Index makes mention of “madmen” living in this area. Perhaps the word “Madmen” was spun off of the word “Madam”. It could be either a typo or the result of a verbal miscommunication.

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Bobby Elgee Posted: 02/11/2011
Several investigations by our team found no evidence of paranormal activity at this location. There is a wonderful history, confounded by a much folklore and myth, but we seriously doubt this location is haunted. The wonderful photograph we submitted was manufactured by our photographic consultant as a demonstration showing how easily it is to hoax paranormal photographs. Still, this is an interesting site with many old stone structures, and we highly recommend a visit. But don't be disappointed, the sounds of screaming are just those of a fox or fisher cat in the nearby woods.
ShawnT Posted: 02/12/2011
Bobby, I'd love to go check it out, whether or not there is actual paranormal activity. Could you e-mail me directions to

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