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The Haunting of J. Huston Tavern
Arrow Rock , Missouri

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 03/13/2011



J. Huston Tavern | Arrow Rock , Missouri

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About J. Huston Tavern

The J. Huston Tavern now known as the old tavern was built in 1834 by the slaves of Judge Huston. Joseph Huston
was one of the first settlers to Arrow Rock, Missouri. Built as the home for his family The Huston Tavern now serves as a functioning restaurant that can boast having been in business for 175 years. Many ghostly stories exist about the Old
Tavern, and rightly so as it holds the title of most haunted in Arrow Rock. The tavern is host to many types of paranormal phenomena, there are claims of objects that come crashing to the ground at the hands of unseen forces,
phantom footsteps that move about the tavern, as well as reports of residual sounds as if somewhere through the echo of time a dinner party of ghostly guest are going about their business.


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