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The Haunting of Grand Geiser Hotel
Baker City, Oregon

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 02/07/2011



Grand Geiser Hotel | Baker City, Oregon Grand Geiser Hotel | Baker City, Oregon Grand Geiser Hotel | Baker City, Oregon Grand Geiser Hotel | Baker City, Oregon Grand Geiser Hotel | Baker City, Oregon Grand Geiser Hotel | Baker City, Oregon

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About Grand Geiser Hotel

Baker City, Oregon

Geiser Grand Hotel Information:

The Geiser Grand was built in 1889. It was an important establishment during the Gold Rush and the Roaring 20's but when the mining in the community declined, the hotel declined also. The Geiser Grand fell into disrepute and finally closed in 1968. In 1993, the hotel was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Sidway and renovated. It was reopened in 1997.

Geiser Grand Hotel Haunting:

Renovations started in 1993, seem to have spurred some paranormal activity at the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon.

Visitors to the Geiser Grand Hotel have reported seeing apparitions of women on the staircase as well as on the balcony. They have also reported hearing strange sounds and disembodied voices in an upstairs rooms at the hotel.

An employee reported seeing the apparition of a young girl float into a wall on the third floor.

A Japanese film crew videotaped a strange light floating in the kitchen.

Some guests have reported seeing a “Lady in Blue”. The owners of the hotel believe this may be Mrs. Geiser, the wife of the original owner.


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Mrswick Posted: 02/26/2011
Is it the Geiser Grand Hotel, I know that place has haunted rooms you can stay in and TAPS was there last October, they have a whole abandoned ghost town up there in baker or the little town over called Sumpter!

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