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The Haunting of Goat Man's Bridge
Burkburnett, Texas

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/21/2011



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About Goat Man's Bridge

Burkburnett, Texas

Goat Man’s Bridge

Burkburnett, Texas:

Burkburnett is located is northcentral Texas in Wichita County. The community has a population of about 11,000 residents.

How to Get to Goat Man’s Bridge:

Goat Man’s Bridge is located north of Wichita Falls. From Wichita Falls, go north on I-44. Take the Missle Road Exit. Then, turn left onto Wellington Lane. Goat Man’s Bridge is located on Wellington Lane. It is located past the golf course between Burkburnett and Sheppard Air Force Base. It is the first bridge that you encounter along the road leading to the golf course.

Interesting Facts pertaining to Goat Man’s Bridge:

As surreal as the tales surrounding Goat Man’s Bridge are, they are not the only ones of their kind in the United States. In Caryville, Tennessee at the Red Ash Cemetery, some folks have described seeing a similar creature.

The Goat Man, of course, is reminiscent of Pan, from Greek mythology. He was the somewhat mischievious god of nature, shepherds and flocks. Pan was connected to spring and fertility. Although Pan is the most obvious mythological creature related to the Goat Man described at Goat Man’s Bridge, a man named Ches McCartney might have something to do with Goat Man myths as well. Ches McCartney was a fellow who walked the southern area of the United States between 1930-1968 with a wagon which was pulled by a herd of many goats. He became somewhat of a legend similar to Johnny Appleseed.

Ghosts of Goat Man’s Bridge:

The Goat Man’s Bridge is said to be haunted by a half-man, half-goat being similar to the mythological creature known as “Pan” to the Greeks. This creature can be heard roaming about near the bridge along with disembodied voices of children screaming.

Locals claim that if you park your car on the bridge, your car will stall.


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