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The Haunting of Elmwood Cemetery
Coffeyville, Kansas

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 08/09/2010



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About Elmwood Cemetery


Coffeyville is located in the southeastern quadrant of Kansas.

Elmwood Cemetery is located at the intersection of Elmwood and Eldridge Streets.

The Cemetery is open 8 AM to sunset.


In the early 1800’s Coffeyville was occupied by the Black Dog Band of Osage Indians.

In 1869, settlers were living in the area now known as Coffeyville. The site was originally an Indian trading post. By 1880, Coffeyville was known as “Cow Town” because of its importance as a shipping point for cattle and the number of cattle herds in the area.

Colonel James A. Coffey relocated to the area from Humbolt Kansas to set up trade with the Indians. News of his arrival spurred business and the Osage and Cherokee tribes were amenable to working with him. Thus the city’s name was changed from Cow Town to Coffeyville in Colonel James Coffey’s honor.

Coffeyville was incorporated illegally in 1872 and then re-incorporated in 1873.

The Elmwood Cemetery is best known in Coffeyville for being the final resting place for 3 members of the Dalton Gang and 2 Defenders. The Dalton Gang was made of Grat Dalton, Bob Dalton, Emmet Dalton, Bill Power, and Dick Broadwell. These folks met their final fate in Coffeyville when they tried to rob two banks at the same time.

On October 5, 1892, the Dalton Gang arrived in Coffeyville to do their deed. They had originally planned to hitch up their horses to the hitching post outside one of the banks, but the hitching post had been removed. Thus, they decided that they would hitch the horses up in an alley at the far end of the plaza.

One of Coffeyville’s residents recognized a member of the Dalton Gang and thus they made ready for the gang as they left the banks. A gun battle between the Dalton Gang and Coffeyville Defenders ensued whereupon 8 people died, four of them members of the Dalton Gang and four of them Defenders. Emmett Dalton was the only survivor of the Dalton gang when the battle ended. He was severely wounded, but survived to live out a 14 year sentence. Emmett died on July 13, 1937.

Bob, Grat, and Bill Powers were all buried in the same grave. Citizens of Coffeyville then marked their grave with the old post they used to hitch their horses to on the day of their death. However, years later, Emmett purchased tombstones for the three brothers. Now the hitching post and a small tombstone marks their final resting place.

Paranormal Reports:

Reports of strange noises, shadow people, and feelings of uneasiness.


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