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The Haunting of Averill Park High School Woods
Averill Park, New York

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 02/06/2011



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About Averill Park High School Woods


john12095 Posted: 06/22/2011
this place here we intend on looking into i will be posting an update before we go and then when we have completed we will try to collect as much video and photographs as we can.
Ericab409 Posted: 06/28/2011
i have lived in averill park my whole life. I was really really good friends with that girl that died in these woods. I drive past this spot everyday, and night, have never seen anything. I do get a werid feeling, but its hard to say being as i know the story. but if u were to go here now a day, they are building houses, and such. Not even sure if the pond is still there or not. :-(

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